How to make the best impression with your web design

webdesign-1It goes without saying that web design has become as important as the internet itself. No website can function without a solid design that will make it fast, accessible and convenient, and employers worldwide are becoming more aware of this. Of course, some fifteen years ago the internet wasn’t ubiquitous and many companies didn’t even have a website, or if they did, they didn’t pay too much attention to it. Now all that is history, as it’s considered that, unless you can be properly ‘Googled’, you don’t even exist, so to speak. Internet websites have literally become the most important way of communicating since they will usually be the very first thing you will encounter when making an inquiry about a company or anything else for that matter.

If you’re a web designer, or have any design knowledge, you surely already know this. The website you will create will be your company’s ‘window into the world’. It will be the first impression they will make on everyone, from potential partners to clients and random bystanders. And just imagine how many visitors and inquiries you will get if you make a great website. In this brief article, we will try and draw your attention to some of the things you need to pay attention to if you wish to create the best website possible.

A clear layout is essential
The website layout is perhaps its essential component as it determines the entire look of the website. If you want to make it fun and playful, feel free to do so, but remember to make the navigation easy, so people don’t get confused by your ideas. They are there for the information, not you.

Nothing flashy, just lean content
This sounds obvious, but many designers get carried away and create flashy, fluffy websites, where the text is impossible to decipher. Remember to make your text a dark color on a light background and easy to read.

Contact details should be everywhere
This is also a basic so many designers forget about. You never know which page of the website the potential client will access and if they will have the time and desire to sift through the pages just to find your contact details. So make sure they are visible on every page.

Fonts matter
Make sure they are consistent and never too small. Some people have problems with their vision, even if they wear glasses.

Colors need to be toned down
Many people see the appeal of flashiness, but the truth is it simply doesn’t work for websites, especially if you’re trying to sell something. In this case, more doesn’t imply better and you should make sure the website you’re creating doesn’t contain more than three colors in its base.

The website has to be fastwebdesign-2
It is crucial to have fast page load time, so if you don’t, you should check your design graphics and the content itself. Is there too many? If you upload 50 pictures per page, the website won’t work properly. Keep everything simple, people shouldn’t scroll incessantly and wait for ages for the websites to open.