Online job that is pretty easy to train for

2-1-300x260Online jobs are getting more and more popular, and since we’re becoming more and more of an information based society, online information is pretty relevant. Of course, humans don’t interface with data directly, we need visual interface, and that’s why there’s a whole industry revolving around making information look good and be easy accessible. A job of a web designer is to make all of the data available to you for easy access.

Now, that may sound simple enough, but the reality is a bit different. There are all kinds of devices that we use to access data with, from smart phones to home PC’s, and they each use different browsers that read the web code differently, we have screens that are different in size and not all of us have high speed internet connection that is able to handle sites with tons and tons of graphics. It’s the job of a web designer to make sure to create an attractive page with all of it’s features plainly marked out and with all of the data being easily accessible.

The basic tool for making a web page is called HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and allows for making of a very basic site layout, for basic formatting of the text and some other simple commands. It’s a language that anyone who has every worked with computers can handle in a few days, and even the beginners can go over all of it’s commands and learn how to utilize them properly in about a week. If you want something more advanced, there are always expansions to the HTML language like XHTML and HTML5.

A logical continuation of HTML web design language are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a form of a script language that is very similar to HTML and that allows you to format pages in much greater detail as well as to make style sheets that you can apply to multiple pages without having to work on a design for each of the page yourself. Another pretty easy language to get used to with lots of tutorials available online if you are interested in it.2-2-300x214

For a bit more advanced web design, I recommend that you dip your toe into the world of PHP and SQL, this will give you some basic knowledge about handling databases at the very least, even if you don’t go in depth, and if you do you’ll be able to create some complex online databases.

Getting a job in this field is pretty easy – as long as you’re able to demonstrate your skills and show that you can do what the boss needs you to do, so if you’re interested in getting a job as a web designer, get learning, and in a month or two you should be able to get started at the very least.